Eco Friendly Supermarkets with no Packaging

This is an interesting concept, putting the choice of whether you purchase a product with or without packaging in the hand of the consumers. Things have changed and it is up to us!
With the imminent arrival of the Christ Elliott review of the ‘Food Industry’ which was commissioned in the wake of the horse meat scandal, it appears that people are taking things into their own hands.

The concept of the supermarket with no packaging was created by a Berlin duo. They want to show the grocery conglomerates that there’s a more eco-friendly way to sell food.
The idea is to bring your own containers and have those weighed you then shop and when you get to the till, the weight of the containers is subtracted and you pay for the net weight of your groceries.
Founders Sara and Milena explain there is a rising demand for products and services that deal with sustainability and that people demand alternatives. This could be viewed as going hand in hand with the increase of consumers buying local. Consumers want to know the source of the products they are purchasing along with the desire not to contribute to the increasing carbon footprint.
In 2011 the UK produced nearly 11m tonnes of packaging waste.
But the ‘goods news’ is that we are getting better at managing waste; nearly 70% of the UK waste is recovered or recycled compared to 27% in 1998, so maybe this idea could take off in the UK
Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the US, it’s hard enough to get Americans to remember to bring reusable bags to the store


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