Celons – pronounced ‘seal-on’

Celons pronounced ‘seal-on’ as they are called in the US, or a viskring as we call it in the UK, or simply a tamper band or whatever you preferred term there are probably a few things you don’t know about this product. A celon is a cellulose band, and it possesses unique properties that have never been duplicated by any other product. The primary use is as a superior neck seal for glass, plastic and tin.

The celon is applied wet in its expanded form. When allowed to air dry, it shrinks to a skin tight film. When removed it leaves a clear surface, no glue or other residue remains.
The basic ingredients of Celons is purified wood pulp in the form of large, white sheets. This pulp when subjected to special treatment is converted into an amber liquid known as Viscose. The viscose is extruded through nozzles into a solution where the beginning of the regeneration takes place. This regeneration as well as purification continues foe several hundred feet at the end of which Celons / Viskrings come off as continuous tubing.

They are available in a wide range of colours. Printing is done with a special impregnation process in their hydrated form. High Speed cutters trim to size and stack the celons allowing the operators to stack them in neat rows inside special containers either tins or pails. They are then covered in a plasticizer.

Means of Application

They are easily applied manually. A simple twist between thumb and forefinger opens a celon and allows it to slip over a closure and neck of a container. As it dries, it shrinks to a tough skin tight seal.


Celons are printed with a special dye process of impregnation. Because of this the printing becomes an integral part of the seal and does not chip or rub off. The resultant colour of the printing varies as the colour of the base material printed. Red printed on a white background would be lighter than the same red printed on a darker background. The printed colour becomes a combination of the ink colour and the colour of the base material being printed.


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