Fake honey, UK manuka sales alone outstrip entire global production.

British authorities have called a nationwide alert to warn of the increasing quantities of fake honey, in particular manuka,  finding its way onto our retail shelves.

There has been further evidence that manuka fake honey is frequently mis-labelled, with consumers paying well over the odds for common or garden honey. In short they are being conned. Watch out for this guys ‘you may be buying fake honey!’

‘There are higher and ever increasing volumes of honey labelled as manuka that are not actually manuka. More manuka is sold in the UK alone than the total that is actually produced. The same applies to China, America and so on’

Only one in seven samples tested by a laboratory was found to have the requisite levels of the active ingredient. To give an example of price a small jar 250g can cost as much as £34 in Ocado and even a jar of basic manuka honey in Tesco costs £9.99, compared with £1.78 for normal honey.

Both domestic and international demand for honey has skyrocketed over the past decade, but despite demand, its supply has remained constrained.

The extremely high price of manuka along with the fact that is looks and tastes similar, exposes it to the ease of it being fraudulent.

People are saying that food fraud takes two basic forms.  The first is dishonest labelling, by claiming that the product contains a larger quantity or higher quality than they actually do. As we know food fraud is poorly policed and relies on the consumers making the claim.

The second area is when products are doctored, expensive ingredients replaced with inexpensive alternatives. This is why you need consistent tamper evidence. This is deliberate organised crime and this has had some devastating consequences over the years.

We are very experienced in providing tamper evidence for honey manufacturers. Contact Viscose closures to help with the integrity of your product by emailing  sales@viscose.co.uk.

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