Closures for Micro Breweries

Micro Breweries, where did they all begin?

We hear this new market sector buzz word all the time, so the team at Viscose, wanted to find out more and what closures they could be interested in?

So what is a microbrewery I hear you ask?

Microbrewery, a word which appears to be causing bubbles of excitement in the beer market, surging through the UK & US and elsewhere picking up pace daily.
With numbers of breweries in the UK having grown from 500 to 1443 between the years of 2000 and 2015 with another 158 expecting to open up in the UK alone by next year, pint glasses most certainly need to be lifted

What is a micro brewery?

A microbrewery, or craft brewery as more recently named refers to a brewery which produces a small amount of beer of less than 1500 barrels per year. They began in the 1970’s when a new generation of small businesses focussed on producing cask ale.

Microbrewing as a term now reflects more recently on the alternative attitude to and approach to brewing flexibility, placing emphasis on the quality and flavour of the beer. Chocolate and peanut butter flavour beer? Why not?

Brew pub

A brew pub is the term given to the pub or restaurant that brews it’s own beer for sale on the premises.

Nano brewery

A nano-brewery is a scaled down microbrewery.


Growlers are also emerging in popularity for those who want to take the rest of their beer home with them. I suppose similar to when you drink wine in a restaurant and want to finish the rest at home.

What else is cool?

Innovative and radical company Brewdog is based in Aberdeenshire in Scotland. It’s the world’s first Crowdfunded brewery, with a fresh grungy style brand and now ships 36 different beers shipping to 55 different countries worldwide.

So why craft beers?

Consumers are drinking less but they want a higher quality product. They are happy to pay more, for something they perceive to be better. Marketing approaches also reflect this, focussing on the craftsmanship of the beer within.

“You’ve got to do more than just make a great beer. It’s really about innovation, creativity, stepping outside the box of beer making”.

Said Director of an Oregon based micro-brewery.

Where is craft beer?

The most popular countries for craft beer, or microbeer are UK and US, although ripples of excitement are spreading fluidly to Australia, Canada, China, Singapore and Nigeria and afar. Drinks giant Deageo is pouring hundreds of millions of pounds of new business assets into Africa, with Nigeria due to overtake the UK for the production of Guinness Stout.

Major brewers and craft beers

Diageos executive Menez believes the craft beer trend will help the Irish stout. Owner of St James’ gate, Dublin, the largest stout brewer in the world, this interest raises the question of whether other major brewers will start investing into the craft beer market.

What now?

Britain now has more breweries per person than any other country in the world and there are some nice tasting beers out there, and so it is time to watch this space.

Being a Welsh company its important to us, So we thought we would tell you about the 24 most popular Welsh Craft breweries. Check them out here. Did your favourites make the cut?

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