How the right capsule can enhance your brand

“To us it’s not just about selling a product. It’s about working with the customer from the beginning to the end of the product lifespan, delivering the best solution for their brand and for their customer’s needs.”

Gary Laidlaw, Head of Innovation Technical Support and Technical Sales at Viscose Closures

The capsule you choose for your packaging has a considerable influence on the overall look and feel of your product. First impressions are an important factor and the packaging of the product needs to present the brand and its internal contents in the most effective way.

When to use a capsule

Capsules cover the liquid fill line of the contents in a bottle in an aesthetically pleasing way, which can otherwise be an inherent problem when using glass or transparent containers. They also cover up any visibility of unsightly corks and provide an opportunity to visually represent the brand.

If a horizontal tear strip is used the lower portion of the capsule remains on the neck of the product after opening. This portion continues to enhance the visibility of the brand whilst the contents are used.

In Europe capsules are largely used by the wine industry to seal the cork in place on the bottle. Many wine producers in the UK replace corks with metal roll on pilfer proof caps (ROPPs), therefore the largest markets in the UK for capsules are sauces & marinades and premium spirits.

Size, material, and opening methods

Viscose Closures produces capsules in a range of 9 standard sizes, from 28mm diameter to 46mm diameter, which mirror the major bottle profiles used in the UK.

Capsules are available in both PET and PVC. The difference in the material is rarely noticed by the customer, however European customers tend to select PET due to their waste disposal regulations. PET is a more environmentally friendly solution compared to the lower cost PVC alternative.

For ease of use the consumer is provided with a specific opening method to control how the capsule will split apart. This will dictate whether any part of the capsule remains on the neck of the bottle once opened. In many cases the solution is a perforation and a tear tab, designed to suit the branding solution for the product.

Options with printing

The design of the capsule is an additional marketing and brand awareness opportunity for the product. The printing opportunities are vast and can be varied to suite the branding style of the product.

The lowest cost option is to select a plain capsule using one of our pigmented PVC substrates. This is the best solution for those where functionality is required at minimal cost. Higher cost options include printing in multiple colours on both the internal and external surfaces of the capsule. Internal printing can be used to enhance the depth and contrast of the colours on the outside of the capsule. There is also the option to print both matt and glossy finishes onto the capsule to assist in highlighting elements of the design such as the logo.

Top tips

Identify the size of your product, your budget, and your expected annual quantity.

Describe the image you are aiming to create for your brand, to allow us to help you select the options that are available to maximize your product’s shelf dominance. This may be as simple as sending us a label for your product so we can understand your brand and guide you to the best solution.

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