Steve Armstrong Wins Award!

Oh wow, we are chuffed to bits here at Viscose, we have the best news that we really want to share! We are very proud of our Production manager Steve! It is not every day that you are given an award for being a star at work.

On a day filled to the brim with meetings, an email reaches Steve’s inbox……’Mr Armstrong we would like to confirm that you are a winner of the award ‘The Manufacturer Top 100’. Steve of course was overwhelmed, but none of us were surprised at all.

The awards were held on Wednesday November 15th 2017 in Liverpool at the co-located The Manufacturer Leaders Conference. The night was a perfect opportunity for Steve and his team to embrace this fantastic acknowledgement.

Steve manages the operations of our film and cellulose production departments. Steve rightly won the award for being an inspiring leader and being the driver of cultural change. Steve has made an outstanding difference to the people and the manufacturing site, since he joined Viscose three years ago. Steve has increased Viscose’s focus on health and safety, quality and culture. Those of us who stand in Steve’s fortnightly staff briefings are able to see his passion.

Steve has been dedicated and committed from the offset, he clearly cares and wants to make a difference to our customers and our people. Steve’s ‘to do list’ rarely runs dry, with many a task to juggle simultaneously. He is a man of busy nature and is clearly respected by his team and colleagues. Here are a few words from his team.

‘To put it simply, Steve is the best manager I have ever worked for! He has a unique way with people that means everyone loves him, and he makes it a pleasure to come to work each day.
But for me, Steve is more than just a boss, he is a very good friend too. We have been through many experiences over the years, both good and bad, but nothing builds teamwork more than climbing to the top of Ben Nevis together!” Simon Merritt.

The idea for the ‘The Manufacturer Top 100’ is traced back to early 2013, in response to the lack of visible role models in industry. The manufacturer resolved to redress this through creating a platform for the recognition of 100 individuals who are considered top in their game. Steve is a great role model in representing exactly what is possible for today’s younger generation.

Well done Steve!

Jackie our proud CEO, congratulates Steve

A strong team. (From left) Keith Lewis, Simon Merritt, Stephen Armstrong, Dion James,

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