Viscose Viskrings offers perfect tamper seal solution for #plasticfree producers

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

As the Plastic Free World Conference & Expo takes place in Frankfurt later this month (27th-28th June), the #plasticfree debate is set to be one of the hot topics being discussed. Viscose Closures – the company behind the Viscose Viskrings tamper evident seals – will be exhibiting there next month to show attendees what the company’s ethics and values are and display how they as a company are helping to support a plastic free world.

The rise in uncomfortable wildlife images circulating on social media showing casualties of carelessly discarded plastic packaging, and the growth in events like the Telegraph Plastic Sustainability Summit, are combining to pressurise manufacturers into finding biodegradable packaging solutions.

This is good news for Viscose Closures. The increased drive for #plasticfree packaging is helping the company see enquiries soar, particularly from artisan and organic producers in the food, drink and cosmetics sectors, where the #plasticfree ethos is especially important.

Viscose Viskrings (the trade name for the tamper evident seals) are manufactured in Swansea, and made from extruded cellulose, originated from wood pulp, derived from renewal resources – resulting in a non-plastic home compostable product that biodegrades in soil within 13 weeks.

In a bid to try and raise the business’s profile, Viscose has invested in creating a new video, which has just been launched to help potential purchasers see how Viscose has potentially found a solution to our plastic waste problem.

Viscose originally saw growth for its tamper evident seals in the international gas market but are realising the market landscape in the UK is changing. The tamper evident seals are applied by hand, generally around the neck of a container and left to dry for up to 60 minutes (this is when the shrinking happens), resulting in a skin-tight tamper-proof seal. The product is an ideal eco-conscious tamper evident seal solution for small, artisan producers and new business start-ups who have no equipment to apply tamper evident seals

The world’s only manufacturer, South Wales based Viscose Closures is notching up an enviable reputation for service and quality as well as a string of awards, with both managing director and production manager winning awards in ‘The Top Manufacturers 100’.

Jackie Royall, CEO of Viscose Closures, says:

“We are very excited about releasing our new video showing the product decomposing harmlessly in soil. We are really trying to raise the profile of Viscose as our product is perfectly positioned for the current #plasticfree movement and we really want the world to know!”

Viscose Viskrings deliver a perfect plastic free tamper seal solution which literally doesn’t cost the earth.”

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