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Crown Closures

Viscose Closures are able to offer 26mm pry-off crown corks (bottle opener required) in various different specifications of sheet thickness, lacquer systems and liner materials. The Crown Cork Closures are manufactured to the requirements of DIN 6099. Twist off Crown Corks are also available upon request. Twist off crowns are usually printed with arrows showing the direction of opening.

Crown Corks are produced from TFS (Tin Free Steel, EI) or ETPS (Electrolytic Tin Plated Steel) according to DIN EN 10202. Crown Corks are lacquered both sides to protect the printing inks and to all the liner to adhere to the internal closure surface. Viscose can offer printed closures produced from specialised printing inks and coatings using off-set printing. Internal printing is available (sits beneath the transparent liner) of QR Codes and Alpha-Numeric laser codes.

Tin Free Steel (TFS – E1) and Electrolytic Tin Plated Steel (ETPS) have different optical surface finishes and this is relevant when considering decoration.

TPS has a bright and shiny surface and is the choice of material when parts of the steel remain unprinted and therefore visible, or a metallic effect is requested. TFS, however, is usually applied when the print and/or lacquer completely hides the steel’s optic. Therefore, the print layout mainly determines the chosen steel specification.

The Liners are manufactured using special polyethylene compositions in accordance with European standards to ensure perfect sealing for the bottles and thus optimally protect the product. Crowns are not suitable for hot fill. The pasturisation maximum temperature and dwell time is 20 minutes at 68°C.

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for crown corks is 240k pieces, 1 UK size pallet. There are 10k crowns per carton. Each pallet has 3 layers of 8 cartons.

Viscose can supply Crowns with Oxygen scavenger Liners. Daraform 6475P can be offered with a MOQ of 1 million pieces. Daraform 6475P is a well established scavenger sealant which has been used for some time in the beer industry to prevent oxidising. BPI Free crowns are available upon request.

Download the Stainless Steel Crown Closures Data Sheet Here

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