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Energy Policy

Viscose Closures Ltd manufactures seals for bottles/food containers(decorative shrink labels, tamper evident seals and pilfer proof closures) at the factory in Swansea and sells to customers around the world. A one-stop consultancy service is provided in designing sleeving solutions including art work and sample mock ups.

In recognising these impacts, the Company, through its commitment to pollution prevention and demonstrating continual environmental improvement, will:

  • Minimise the amount of energy used through the prudent use of resources and through the implementation of energy saving devices such as high energy efficient motors and soft start units.
  • Train and continually update all staff in environmental issues such as energy conservation by switching off lighting, heating when not required.

The Policy will be subject to annual review and will be communicated regularly to all staff and made available to all interested parties.

Approved by: Jackie Royall

Date Agreed: January 26th 2013

Download our Energy Policy

You may download our Energy Policy as a PDF document here

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