I want to change my Aluminium ROPP closure supplier, how will this be done?

When VCL are switching a new customer from another suppliers closures to VCL closures we would first carry out a trial on the customers machine of 50 – 100 closures to see if there are any major issues. If no issues are reported then we would probably carry out an extended trial at the customer’s premises.

Adjustments that may need to be carried out will normally only be to the capping head thread rollers or tuck under rollers. If there are problems during the trials and adjustments are required the first thing to check is the setup of the capping.

The following are checks to be done; the settings will vary depending on the size/type of closure. This information will be found on the manufacturers closure spec.

  1. Check the side positions of all the rollers.
  2. Check the side pressures of all the rollers.
  3. Check the heights of all the rollers
  4. Check the head pressure is correct.
  5. Check the turret head height is correct.

It is worth noting that some bigger customer will normally have 2 suppliers so if any adjustments are made to the capping head then the other supplier’s closure should be re-tested.  If the closure being used is a compound type closure or a closure with an insert then having the correct top load pressure is also important, this pressure can be established from the closure specification.

When the closures have been applied an inspection of the thread formation and the tuck under is done, you can also carry out a torque tests to establish when un-screwing the closures the opening torque is correct to the manufacturers spec.

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