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PVC & PET Tamper evidence Cut Bands, Tubing and Preforms…

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Standard Health & Vitamin Bottles Size Chart
PVC or PET tamper evidence sizes to suit bottle.






Bottle SizeMaterialCapFlat WidthCut LengthBase of T PerfMaterial
60mlGlass35mm Alu728520PVC / PET
100mlGlass35mm Alu819720PVC / PET
125mlGlass35mm Alu8510620PVC / PET
175mlGlass45mm Alu9411720PVC / PET
250mlGlass45mm Alu10213020PVC / PET

Our Range…

  • Cut Bands
  • Tubing with standard 127mm core
  • Preforms


  • 50/70 Micron
  • Coloured and Holographic Tear Tapes
  • PVC & PET
  • PLA also available
  • Other core sizes available
  • Maximum 400mm FW (250mm diameter)

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Tamper Evidence…

Tamper Evidence. (Viskrings by Viscose Est 1892)

Viscose is the only manufacturer in the world
Created from wood pulp, biodegrades within 6 weeks, once discarded in soil. Apply by Hand; no machinery needed. Takes up to 60 mins to dry once applied.

Our Range

  • Flat folding tubing or continuous reels
  • Ready cut flat folded bands


  • Minimum diameter 12mm maximum 119mm
  • Standard colour range
  • Transparent, pearlised, metallic, gold, silver and neon
  • Printed options available
  • Transparent MOQ 1,000
  • Coloured MOQ 10,000
  • Printed & Perforates 25,000


  • Secure wrinkle free seal
  • Perfect tamper evident solution, applied over primary closures

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  • Download specification here
  • Download case study

Application Video…