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Part of why Viscose is innovate, is because we work closely with our customers new and existing ensuring they get exactly what they want as we understand the power of their brand and over 100 years experience.
Our extensive portfolio of closure and decoration solutions allows Viscose to approach new projects with a macro-view. Irrelevant of container type, shape and size, Viscose will find the best solution for your brand and will help you make the right choice.

Viscose operates an industry-leading laboratory for quality assurance, comprising of chemical engineers and technical experts, ensuring the highest of standards.
We have an experienced team of specialists who can develop and produce innovative and eye-catching designs.

We are skilled at turning initial ideas in to practical solutions and can provide drawings, colour swatches and samples according to the project requirements.   Undeterred by unusual bottle designs and complex projects we have a unique technical workshop for even the most challenging of ideas.

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