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Plastic 2 Piece Closures for Glass Bottles

Viscose are able to offer 2 types of PP Closure to suit your water filtration process. These closures are for MCA 1, 2 + 3, PET 28 BPF PCO neck types. The closures are a 2 piece assembly with an EVA – PVC Free liner. For small volume production, these closures can be hand applied.

PV 272 ClosurePV 273 Closure
2.9g +/- 0.32.7g +/- 0.3
1 start1 start
4,500 per box4,500 per box
Tamper Band stays on closureTamper Band stays on closure

The 272 closure has a retention ring which remains on the closure after opening and the 273 closure has a tamper ring which is detached from the closure during opening and remains on the bottle. The choice is yours!

Our recommendation from a safety perspective would be the PV 272 closure, which enables you to recycle the glass bottles in your system and eliminates the need to remove the tamper band from the bottleneck if using the PV 273 version. Both closures are suitable for still and sparkling water and beverages.

The PP closures are recyclable and more information on recycling can be found on our web site.

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