Plastic Screwcap Closures (PCO 1810 & PCO 1881)

Product Description

Our plastic screwcap closures are a premium quality cap designed to accommodate both carbonated and flat contents.

Popular in the water and carbonated soft drink sectors, these closures are injection moulded and made from HDPE which is fully recyclable.

We supply both 1810 and 1881 neck sizes which are available in a variety of colours with the most popular colours of 1810 being held in stock at our UK warehouse.

We have successfully transitioned many of our customers from 1810 to 1881, if you are interested in this journey please contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.

We offer technical advice, free samples and on site consultation where required.

For 1881 neck size, other colours, & bespoke options – please Request a Quote to let us know your requirements.

Suitable for

Carbonated and flat contents

Product options

Screw Cap Colour: Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Silver, Transparent, White

Minimum order quantities

UK: This product is subject to a minimum order quantity of 40,000 and is sold in boxes of 4,000 @ £10.88 per/000
Ireland: This product is subject to a minimum order quantity of 80,000 and is sold in pallets of 80,000 @ £13.74 per/000.

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