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Top Cap Decoration
Print TypeMOQ
Digital1 Box – 2,400 pieces
Litho50,000 pieces

Download the Wirehoods Data Sheet Here.

Download the Wirehoods, Stoppers and Over Caps A4 Here.

A “muselet” is the french name for a wire cage that fits over the cork of a bottle of sparkling wine, champagne or beer. It’s purpose is to retain the cork in the bottle whilst under pressure from it’s carbonated contents. The wirehood is a guarantee that the bottle contents are original. Overtime the wire has become a symbol of value and quality.

Viscose are able to supply corks and capsules to compliment the wire hoods.

Available Wirehoods

wine bottle closure

  • Galvanized or coloured wire – without top cap
  • Galvanized or coloured wire with plain top. Colours available for the top disc include: Silver, gold, green, red, black, blue, white, or a customer specific pantone colour
  • Galvanized or coloured wire with printed art work on the top cap


  • Wire – Galvanized or wire (1mm thick for the body and belt) with inward eye bolts, range of colours available
  • Head Cap Material – tin plate, plain or coloured.

Print Options

  • Lithographic printing up to 8 colours in addition to the background colour
  • New digital printing process developed for small batch production

Viscose also offer Natural and Synthetic corks and Champagne Polylaminate Capsules. Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information

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