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Distributors and Resellers wanted

Viscose is the only manufacturer of hand applied tamper evident bands. This product is sold in many market sectors, cosmetic, industrial, food, drink and pharmaceutical. We currently have many worldwide, distributors, resellers and agents, but are looking for more. If you currently deal with in these sectors and are looking for an innovative product to add to your product portfolio? No stocking required, quick lead times, small and large volumes.

Why Supply?:

  • The credibility of Viscose, 100 years experience in manufacturing.
  • Product is tried and tested in the market place.
  • No investment required, upload to your website and see the enquiries roll in.

We can provide:

  • High quality marketing images and literature, to quickly update your website with this new product, get selling straight away.
  • Specifications and material data safety sheets
  • Power point presentations
  • Sales training and support

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