Viscose Closures become Made In Britain members

24 September 2020

Made In Britain
Proud to have manufactured in Britain for over 125 years

Viscose Closures Limited are delighted to have become approved members of the Made in Britain organisation.

Viscose is proud to have manufactured in the UK for over 125 years, developing a long and trusted reputation for excellence in quality, customer service and reliability.

Manufacturing in Britain offers many advantages including shortened lead times and reduced transportation to the UK market. Recent developments have encouraged businesses to mitigate the risks arising from Brexit and the possible emergence of tariffs. The uncertainty created by Coronavirus has further highlighted the need to onshore supply chains and support the UK economy.

Viscose prides itself on the technical expertise that comes from following a product journey, from the innovation concept through to completion, all under one roof. Investing in robust innovation to ensure the continuous improvement of products and customer experience is paramount to a growing business.

Having a solid UK network and partners to support this process are critical. The demand for UK-manufactured goods has seen a revival over the last years as growing numbers of consumers support British businesses.

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