Water & Softs Drinks Closures

soft drink closures

Minimum order quantity ½ pallet:

  • 28 x 15 ROPP – Compound
  • 30 x 60 ROPP – Compound
  • 31.5 x 24 ROPP – Compound
  • 38 x 17 ROPP – Compound

Flat Plastic Caps

Looking for plastic bottle tops?  Viscose supplies flat plastic caps, in standard stocked colours, bespoke colours subject to MOQ’s.

Please contact sales@viscose.co.uk

plastic bottle tops

Neck FinishPCO 1881PCO 1881PET 28 PCO 1881 - PCO 17
Diameter Neck Finish28mm28mm28mm
Suitable ForFlat and CarbonatedHigh CarbonationHigh Carbonation
1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece
Injection / CompressionInjectionCompressionCompression
Pallet Quantity134k140k120k
CommentsTamper band stays on the bottleTamper band stays on the bottleTamper band stays on the bottle
Co2 Max445
Neck FinishBPF/PCO 1810 28mmBPF/PCO 1810 28mmBPF/PCO 1810 28mm
Diameter Neck Finish28mm28mm28mm
Suitable forFlat and CarbonatedFlat OnlyStill and Carbonated
1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece
Injection / CompressionInjectionInjectionCompression
Pallet Quantity100k100k100k
CommentsTamper band stays on the bottleTamper band stays on the bottleTamper band stays on the bottle
Co2 Max3.503.5
Neck FinishBPF/PCO 1810 28mmMCA 1/2/3 Glass and PCO 1810MCA 1/2/3 Glass and PCO 1810
Diameter Neck Finish28mm28mm28mm
Suitable ForStill and Highly CarbonatedCarbonated / Soft DrinksCarbonated / Soft Drinks
MaterialHDPEPP / EVA (PVC Free) LinerPP / EVA (PVC Free) Liner
1 Piece2 Piece2 Piece
Injection / CompressionCompressionInjectionInjection
Pallet Quantity100K90K90K
CommentsTamper band stays on the bottleTamper band stays on the capTamper band stays on the bottle
Co2 Max4.544
Neck Finish30/25 HighPET Finish 26/22PET Finish 26/22
Diameter Neck Finish30mm26mm26mm
Suitable ForFlat OnlyCarbonatedFlat
1 Piece1 Piece1 Piece
Pallet Quantity90k180k200k
CommentsTamper band stays on the bottleTamper band stays on the bottleTamper band stays on the bottle
Co2 Max03.50
Neck Finish38 Neck
Diameter Neck Finish38mm
Suitable ForFlat
1 Piece
Injection / CompressionInjection
Pallet Quantity70K
CommentsTamper bad stays on the bottle
Co2 Max0

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Plastic Sports Caps

water - plastic  bottle tops

Cap Code1810 Vented Sports Cap1881 Vented Sports Cap3800 Vented Sports
Neck FinishPCO 1810 28mm, Single StartPCO 1881 28mm, Single Start38mm 3 Start Thread
Diameter Neck Finish28mm28mm38mm
FillStill, Non CarbonatedStill, Non CarbonatedStill, non carbonated
Pieces3 Piece3 Piece3 Piece
Box K2.653.102.05
Pallet Quantity53k62k41k

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Heat Shrink Capsules

heat shrink capsules

Heat shrink capsules provide a simple and cost-effective overseal. A secondary seal that goes over a primary closure, providing a tamper seal that enhances the brand. Hides fill lines, product residue or oil separation resulting in a clean line finish.

Ideal for premium glass water brands.

The skirt is made from PVC or PET with an aluminium top foil for a complete seal. The skirt can be printed with designs in up to eight colours, plus hot-foil. Perforations and tear-tabs can be added to simplify removal.

Our Range

Heat Shrink Capsule 1

Heat Shrink Capsule 2

Heat Shrink Capsule 3


  • PVC & PET
  • Dimensions: Top Diameter: 20 – 46mm
  • Height: 25 – 80mm
  • Standard and Bespoke Top Foils
  • Perforations and Tear-Tabs
  • Minimum Order Quantity 50,000

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crown caps

Minimum Order Quantity
1 x Pallet (Gold & Silver) 4 x pallets (Printed).

Viscose supply a range of 26mm single use crown caps in E1E1 and TFS (tin free steel)for aluminium and glass containers. The 26mm E1E1 crown caps and TFS crown caps are available as pry offs, ensuring the highest seal pressure and the best tightness for a wide range of still and carbonated drinks. Our 26mm crown caps are available as (PVC) free standard compound for beer (white) o2 absorbing or oxygen skavenging compound (white), standard compound for water (transparent). Our crowns are available in standard colours or printed to your unique specifications. Please be advise our printed crowns come with a minimum order quantity of 450,000 pieces.

The 26mm crown caps will fit most beer bottles and are the traditional way to keep your beer or cider sparkling. Can be used with most capping machines and are priced per 1,000. Please contact the office on 01792 796393 or via email sales@viscose.co.uk

Crown26mm CrownMouldedBlack
Crown26mm CrownMouldedDull Gold
Crown26mm CrownMouldedShiny Gold
Crown26mm CrownPVC Free Moulded LinerPurple80Crown080
Crown26mm CrownPVC Free Moulded LinerSilver80Crown059
Crown26mm CrownPVC Free Moulded LinerBlue E1/E180Crown071 Fast Feed Edge
Crown26mm CrownPVC Free Moulded LinerGreen E1/E180Crown073 Fast Feed Edge
Crown26mm CrownPVC Free Moulded LinerBlack E1/E180Crown070 Fast Feed Edge
Crown26mm CrownPVC Free Moulded LinerLime Green E1/E180Crown065 Fast Feed Edge
Crown26mm CrownPVC Free Moulded LinerMetalic Green
Crown26mm CrownPVC Free Moulded LinerRed E1/E180Crown066 Fast Feed Edge
Crown26mm CrownPVC Free Moulded LinerShiny Red E1/E1Fast Feed Edge
Crown26mm CrownPVC Free Moulded LinerMetalic RedFast Feed Edge
Crown26mm CrownMouldedRed

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