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Aluminium RO & Aluminium ROPP Closures

Viscose supply a wide range of Aluminium ROPP Closures.

Non-refillable & long skirted closures – perfect wine bottle closures & spirit bottle closures, also popular closures for soft drinks & water, pharmaceuticals and food.

We offer standard and printed options. Our aluminium ROPP closures are suitable for alcoholic, non alcoholic, still, carbonated and hot fill.

Download the RO & ROPP Closures Data Sheet Here

Download the RO & ROPP Closures – Liners Data Sheet Here

Download the 28×15 ROPP Stock Colours Data Sheet Here

Storage of ROPP Closures

Look after your Closures

We recommend that RO and ROPP Closures are stored in an odourless, dry and UV- protected atmosphere in sealed cardboard boxes at a constant storage temperature of between +5°C and +35°C (between 41°F and 95°F).

A Relative Humidity of 60% should not be exceeded.

Before application onto bottles, we recommended that the closures are allowed to acclimatise for 48 hours in an area where the temperature is held constantly at 20°C +/-5°C (68°F +/-9 °F).

Stored carefully, the closures may be applied safely for up to 5 years from the manufacturing date printed on the box label.

RO and ROPP Closures

Viscose are able to offer a wide range of RO and ROPP Closures with various liners to suit your product range.

Liner Type
Closure SizeCompoundPVC FreeEPE LinerSaranexSaranex-TinOil PourerNRF
18 x 12 ROPP
20 X 12 ROPP
22 x 15 ROPP
22 x 30 ROPP
28 x 14.5 RO
28 x 15 ROPP
28 x 18 ROPP
28 x 22 ROPP
30 x 35 ROPP
30 X 44 ROPP
30 x 60 ROPP
31.5 x 18 ROPP
31.5 x 24 ROPP
31.5 x 44 ROPP
31.5 x 60 ROPP
38 x 17 ROPP

* NRF – Non Refillable Fitment

The following range of closures are available from our UK stock in various colours with small MOQ’s and short lead times:

SizeColourLinerBox Quantity
28x15BlackPVC Free - 5965K
28x15SilverPVC Free - 5965K
28x15BluePVC Free - 5965K
28x15WhitePVC Free - 5965K
28x15GoldPVC Free - 5965K
28x15Dark BluePVC Free - 5965K
28x15GreenPVC Free - 5965K
31x24BlackOil pourer2.6K

MOQ – Half a pallet made up of the above items.

PVC Free Liners:

Viscose offer two types of PVC Free Liner:

  • Svelon 596
  • Svelon 520L

Selecting the correct liner:

Tell us about your filling process and we’ll help you select the right liner for your product.

PVC Free Svelon 59620 min at 62 °C
PVC Free Svelon 520LHot fill at 95 °C or pasteurisation 30 min at 85 °C
Compound LinerMax temperature 85C (185F) for not more than 20 minutes
* Viscose recommend that the customer carries out a validation run/trial to prove the liner is suitable for their product and process

Other liner types we offer:

EPEAlcohol/Spirits/Irish Cream
Saranex TinHigh Value Wine
CompoundCarbonated drinks, juice, mixers, wine
PVC FreeCarbonated drinks, juice, mixers, wine
NFRNon refillable fitment – Spirits
Oil PourerOils
Vinegar PourerVinegars

Decoration Options:

A wide range of decoration options are available for customising your closures.

Print Options:

  • Offset Printing
  • Pad – Printing
  • Hot Foil Embossing
  • Varnish

Talk to us about what we can offer to customise your closure:

  • Top and Side Printing
  • Hot Foil
  • Embossing with relief printing
  • Kurz Finish
  • QR Codes
  • Promotional Printing
  • Spray Colour Varnish
  • Label colour matching
  • Metallic finish
  • Iridescent Finish
  • Gloss or Matt Finish
  • Varnish effect

Long Caps:

30 x 60 Closures are available from stock in a range of colours.

How is an ROPP cap applied?…

What kind of machinery is used by our customers?

What kind of technical support might they need when switching to a new cap?

The machinery used to apply ROPP caps is called an ROPP capping machines. These machines are made by various companies mainly from Italy but also from other European Countries. Some of the names of machine manufacturers are:

  • Arol
  • Zalkin
  • Bertolaso
  • MBF
  • AVE
  • Rejves
  • Fimer

The closures are put into a bulk hopper.

The closures are then either blown by an air blower or a conveyor into the chute hopper.

When the closures are in the chute hopper they are turned the correct way by a rotary disc or by vibration they are then fed down the capper chute upside down. The closures are turned as they go through the chute so they are the correct way up to be picked up by the container as it passes through the chute pickup.



The closures are picked up from a chute by the container as it pass through the in-feed scroll, the bottle with the closures on then goes from the scroll through the inner star wheel and then into the centre star wheel.


The bottle is now in the correct position under the capping head. The capping head by way of a cam is then lowered onto the top of the bottle to apply the closure.

The ROPP closures is applied using an ROPP capping head, generally the capping head has 2  threading rollers which forms the thread on the cap from the thread on the bottle finish  at the same time the 2 tuck under rollers form the tuck under which ensures the TE (tamper evident) part of the closure.


The seal of the closure is also formed by either a flat pressure pad (generally for EPE liners) the flat pad forces the liner into the mouth of the bottle to create the seal between the closure and the bottle or a reform pressure pad generally for compound liners, the reform stretches the outside of the closure down the bottle mouth to create the seal between the closure and the bottle.


Capping heads Sometimes only have three rollers – two thread rollers and on tuck roller this is generally only used for closures under 28mm diameter.


28 x 15 ROPP Closures

Viscose Closures are pleased to offer customers filling water, soft drinks and alcohol, carbonated and non-carbonated, a range of 28×15 ROPP PVC and PVC Free closures.

Viscose stock a range of 28×15 PVC Free colours in their UK warehouse which are offered at an MOQ of half a pallet. Customers are able to ‘mix & match’ the cartons on the pallet from our stock colours which include:

ProductSizeLinerColourSwatchItem Code
Aluminium ROPP28 x 15 ROPPPVC FreeWhite4128.15064
Aluminium ROPP28 x 15 ROPPPVC FreeBlack4128.15054
Aluminium ROPP28 x 15 ROPPPVC FreeSilver4128.15055
Aluminium ROPP28 x 15 ROPPPVC FreeDark Blue4128.15063
Aluminium ROPP28 x 15 ROPPPVC FreeGold4128.15065
Aluminium ROPP28 x 15 ROPPPVC FreeLight Blue4128.15079
Aluminium ROPP28 x 15 ROPPPVC FreeGreen4128.15080

Viscose are able to offer bespoke printed 28×15 closures. Contact us with your annual volume requirements so we can provide a quotation and MOQ. We will provide you with a ‘cutter guide’ for your design team to prepare the required art work.

Closures are delivered on Standard Size pallets @ 150k pieces per pallet. 5k pieces per carton. 75k per half pallet.

ROPP closures can be recycled. Find our recycling information here.

Viscose offer the services of Jim Mansfield for training and servicing. Contact us for a quotation for a 1 day Technical Application Training day, this is ideal for those new to ROPP closure application.

For a fact sheet on fault finding ROPP closure faults, find helpful guides here and here.

Download the 28×15 ROPP Stock Colours Data Sheet Here

Ordering Aluminium 28×15 ROPP Caps from Viscose Closures

Stock Lines

We stock a wide range of 28×15 ROPP Closures in our UK Warehouse which are available to all customers. We encourage customers to provide us with a rolling forecast of their annual requirements which allows us to prioritised stocks against a customer’s forecast and/or firm orders.

Our stock caps have PVC Free liners which contain a Svelon 596 Liner. We are able to source Compound Liners on request.

Bespoke Designs/Materials

Customers who have bespoke requirements are required to provide a purchase order at the time of order placement. The MOQ for bespoke 28×15 ROPP designs is 450k pieces (3 pallets of 150k). Customer are required to take the full 450k or the full order quantity if greater, on the date stated on the order confirmation. Closures with 520L liners are subject to an MOQ of 450k pieces.

For bespoke designs, the price on the order confirmation does not include stock holding by Viscose. If this is required, a special price will be quoted which includes a weekly stock holding fee. These orders would be classed as ‘call off’.

28×15 compound liner caps in plain and bespoke designs are available at an additional cost. 28×15 caps in a heavier gauge material are also available.


Viscose are able to offer customers 3 types of Liners;

Liner NameLiner IDSuitable ForConditions
Svelon PVC Free596*Beer, carbonated soft drinks, mineral waterPasteurisation up to
20 min @ 65C
Svelon PVC Free520LCarbonated soft drinks, beer, mineral
water, wine, fruit and vegetable juice
Pasteurisation up to
30 min @ 85C
(hot foam PVC)
Carbonated soft drinks, beer, mineral
water, wine, fruit and vegetable juice

Note: *Stock Liner is PVC Free – Svelon 596

Customer are requested to undertake thorough testing of all closures under production conditions to prove that the closure is suitable for the bottle, contents and pasteurisation process. Technical assistance can be provided up on request.


Capping is one of the most critical processes in bottling plastic or glass bottles. The last thing a bottler needs is leaking product, loss of carbonation or deterioration of the product cause by air leaking into the bottle.

ROPP caps are generally sold unthreaded. In this form, the cap is offered to the glass and the cap applied mechanically, under pressure, to allow:

  • The best seal against the liner material
  • A tight and secure fit between the Aluminium closure and the glass neck threads
  • Formation or the pilfer proof around the glass to allow the opening process to break the metal so providing product security.

Here’s some reasons why manufacturers choose to use a ROPP Closure on their product

  • ROPP Closures have a built in tamper evident seal making it easy to see if a product has been opened. This gives protection to retailers, manufacturers and consumers.
  • ROPP closures are a highly reliable option for manufacturers of products that are filled into glass bottles such as water, soft drinks, spirits, wines, milk etc.
  • ROPP closures can be decorated to make your product stand out on the shelf.
  • ROPP Closures perform well with a range of products including: Dairy products, Vinegars and Oils.

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