Our Heat Sensitive Solution for the Pharmaceutical industry

Viscose has been manufacturing tamper evident solutions to major industries including the pharmaceutical industry for over 125 years.

We are proud to work with NHS & private trusts, hospitals, clinical testing facilities and globally recognised pharmaceutical brands. Our ‘Sterile Until Open’ printed sleeves are a favourite in the pharmaceutical world, namely with our NHS customers.

Tamper evidence is globally recognised by healthcare providers and specialists as a cost-effective solution to protect containers like vials, petri dishes and sample bottles from contamination ensuring the integrity of their contents.

Traditional solutions such as heat-shrink sleeves or bands require heat to shrink the bands onto the container – but what if you have heat sensitive contents? Or need a solution that can be hand applied on the go without any machinery?

This is where we can help- introducing our heat-free tamper evident solution; Viskrings.

Our Viskrings are hand applied and self-shrinking forming a tight seal over your container protecting against contamination. They are perfect for the pharmaceutical industry, namely because live specimens, cultures and bacteria are heat sensitive and applying heat to seal them may affect their integrity.

Not only are they heat-free, they’re also biodegradable, home compostable, and plastic-free. So, by using these tamper evident sleeves not only will you be protecting your product you’ll also be protecting the planet.

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