Beauty & Cosmetics

Our Solutions For The Beauty & Cosmetic Sectors:

Packaging for beauty and cosmetic products is essential in preventing breakages, counterfeiting and tampering which can be extremely costly for brands.

Products are accessible online now more than ever and ensuring customers have a positive brand experience is critical.

Cosmetic products shipped in bulk, either to a department store or as an e-commerce order to a consumer, must arrive in perfect condition. Fragile products, such as glass bottles, will need protective packaging such as a full body sleeve to avoid breakages whereas make up items such as eyeliners and foundation require shrink sleeves to ensure the lids are not removed from the containers.

We understand the strict regulation of these products as well as their associated packaging – our factory is ISO accredited and always audit ready for customers to visit.

Standing out from the crowd with eye-catching or easily recognised decorative packaging is a must and we can help with decorative sleeve options that reflect your brand or plain sleeves that let your primary packaging shine through.

We work with everyone from contract packers to luxury producers providing tamper evident packaging for products such as eyeliners and foundations to moisturisers, body scrubs and everything in between.

Natural beauty and cosmetics products are also becoming more and more popular, we offer tamper shrink sleeves with plastic free or eco-friendly options to ensure your packaging reflects your product and your brand.

What we can offer you:

Tamper Evident Packaging

  • Heat-shrink sleeves in a variety of eco-friendly materials such as PET, rPET and PLA.
  • Reel-fed material perfect for high volume manufacturing and contract packers.
  • Unique biodegradable and plastic free sleeves that are heat & machinery free, perfect for heat sensitive contents, eco-conscious producers and customers without machinery.
  • Short lead times, Low MOQs and stock holding available.
  • All proudly Made in Britain

Other products available for the Beauty & Cosmetics Sector