Natural Cork Stoppers

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At Viscose we are pleased to offer Cork stoppers that are 100% natural and directly extracted from carefully selected cork.

Natural cork stoppers are the closure of choice for wines and spirits due to their elasticity, compressibility and waterproofing characteristics providing the perfect seal for your product.

We offer cork stoppers in five variations of natural cork as well as micro agglomerated cork dependent on your product needs and visual quality expectations.

When it comes to deciding which grade of cork is best for you our team is on hand to assist you with practical technical advice.

All our cork stoppers can be customised with your branding if desired and we welcome even the most intricate of print requests.

Additionally cork stoppers can be coloured through a process of washing and all our corks are available in five different washes for you to choose from.

Product Features

  • Ultimate premium seal
  • Wide range of sizes
  • 5 washes (colours) of cork to choose from
  • Side printing
  • 5 grades of natural cork to suit your product and budget
  • Micro cork

Application Method

Hand application or machine applied.

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