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Heat Shrink, Decorative, & Transparent PVC + PET

Heat shrink capsules provide a simple and cost-effective overseal for a wide range of products. A secondary seal that goes over a primary closure, providing a tamper seal that enhances the brand through design, hiding fill lines, product residue or oil separation resulting in a clean line finish. Ideal for sauces, salad dressings, enhancing your perry or soft drink image

The skirt is made from PVC or PET with an aluminium top foil for a complete seal. The skirt can be printed with designs in up to eight colours, plus hot-foil. Perforations and tear-tabs can be added to simplify removal.

Dimensions: Top diameter: 20 – 46mm

Height: 25 – 80mm

Capsules can be supplied to fit unusually shaped containers

Download the PVC / PET Data Sheet Here

Download the Transparent Capsules Data Sheet Here

Polylaminate Capsules

Polylaminate capsules have a high visual and tactile impact providing a highly competitive alternative to capsules made from tin and with far greater decorative potential than tin.

The skirt is made from a multi-laminate of Aluminium and PE (polyethylene) and the top foil is aluminium.

Download the Polylaminate Capsules Data Sheet Here

Download the Polylaminate Sparking Wine / Champagne Capsules

Application Machinery

Viscose Closures can supply equipment from bench-top scale to high-speed fully automated units with full spares and engineering back up.

Tin Capsules

Tin capsules add a superior finish to your product, offering a premium tactile exterior.

99.9% pure tin used to draw one piece wine and spirit bottle capsules. Capsules are drawn from the raw material and paint is added as a second operation using a spray process (up to 2 colours). Finishes include satin, gloss, matt or pearlised. Additional 3 colour print can be applied to skirt. Additional 1 colour to cap. Cap embossing and relief printing using ink jet technology. Tear tab using the capsule material optional. Recently introduced a process to add digital printing to the top of the tin capsule.

  • UV printing on tin is possible
  • Diameters: 27.5mm to 47mm
  • Length: 35mm to 60mm
  • Tapering: dependent on diameter and length


  • Ink printed embossing
  • Flat ink printing
  • blind stamping
  • holes
  • with cork finish top
  • without cork finish top


  • Ink printing
  • Interrupted spacer ring
  • Continuous spacer ring

Download our colour range Here

Download the Tin Capsules Data Sheet Here

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