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Celons / Viskrings

Do you have problems with tamper evidence or counterfeit issues?

Are you an environmentally conscious producer looking for recyclable packaging?


What is a viskring? or as they call it in America a Celon?

We call them viskrings, in the States they call them celons. They are a secondary seal that goes over a primary closure such as a plastic , metal cap, stopper, tin or jar making it tamper evident and counterfeit proof, ensuring the integrity of your brand.

Used in many market sectors, food drink, cosmetic and gas.


How do they work?

The Celons / Viskrings are unique as we are the only manufacturers in the world. They are environmentally friendly tubular bands of cellulose, contained in a preservative solution.  Apply wet and use as a secondary seal, hide fill lines, acts as tamper evidence and enhances your brand.  Apply by hand, shrinks in the natural environment (up to 30% its original size), dries and results in a smooth, perfect professional finish.

Perfect solution for heat sensitive products such as perfume, whisky and any other highly flammable liquids.

How are Viskring / Celons Made?

Viskrings / Celons are made from extruded cellulose that originates from wood pulp derived from renewable resources.

100% biodegradable, once discarded in soil takes up to 6 weeks – this has been verified by the university

Read our Biodegradable biodegradability statement university of Swansea 2015

Packed in plastic bags within a sealed metal or plastic container.

The seals are held in the container in a mild preservative solution.

Guaranteed for 12 months unopened.

Do not store in minus temperatures, as this will cause damage.

Once the containers are opened reseal.

Do not dilute preservative solution as this will introduce a risk of bio-degradation.

Benefits of using a Viskring / Celon

  • Secure and wrinkle free seal.
  • Ideal tamper evident solution.
  • Stops counterfeiting acts as a sealant.
  • Enhances appearance of a product.
  • Gives a professional finish.
  • No need to invest in heavy equipment – Hand Applied
  • Shrinks easily around awkward shapes.
  • Can be applied around plastic, metal, glass.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Bio-degradable.
  • Prevents evaporation.
  • Eliminates dust, dirt & dampness.
  • Perfect for heat sensitive products.

Available in?

  • Continuous Reels of flat folded tubing
  • Ready cut flat folded bands
  • Diameter Sizes 12 mm up to 119mm
  • Standard colours and specs – some available in stock.
  • Transparent, pearlized, metallic, gold, silver and stripes
  • Application over custom duty stripes
  • Transparent panels
  • Printed with a message, logo, UPC code or promotions
  • Various perforation styles

Sample / Mock up service available to test the product on request.

Sizing Viskring

Sizes range from 12mm up to 119mm diameters, sizing is important as if too large viskring or celon will not provide a tight fit and may split when shrunk, too small and the viskring will be difficult to apply.

  1. Measure the widest point over where the Viskring will pass
  2. Add the appropriate tolerance
  3. Choose the length to suit your requirement (may need to include a proportion for folding over the top of the closure.
  4. Add 10% to the measured length to allow for shrinkage.

See how the Viskring works…

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