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Vision & Values

The Viscose Values

The Team at Viscose have worked really hard on creating our values. We hope you love it as much as we do!

The concept behind the imagery of the shield, is that this is our Viscose badge of honour.

At Viscose, we have set these values, expectations and promises and have summarised them into something special that we call PRIDE, we wear our Viscose badge of honour on our chest with PRIDE.

People, we believe that our people are at the heart of our business. Our people offer our customers a personal one to one service, that many large organisations can’t offer today. We want to build long term relationships with our customers and are really here to help. We know this is one of our unique selling point’s in today’s competitive market.

Results, we believe in obtaining notable and successful results from both our people and for our customers.

Integrity, we believe in doing things the right way, we act fairly, ethically and openly in all that we do.

Diversity, in today’s competitive market, we know that our customers need a supplier that can diversify enough to meet the challenges that they face. We offer diversity in our product portfolio and in our experience of serving and trading with a worldwide customer base .

Expertise, we know that, high levels of expertise are essential for delivering high quality services.

Our PRIDE values are the foundation of Viscose.

For more information on what we do, please get in touch with the Viscose team!

Viscose Vision

Our vision is to continue our proud history in providing a diverse range of quality products worldwide.

With our commitment to responsive and flexible service, we want every customer experience to be enjoyable and value adding.

We achieve this through continued investment in our skilled and knowledgeable team.

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