Here’s the scoop: Our legend-dairy seals are perfect for ice cream!

3 May 2023

What’s more satisfying than that first scoop of ice cream from the tub? The satisfaction that as a producer you have the knowledge that your product is secure and tamper evident, a reassurance your customers have become accustomed to.

The seal is the element protecting the ice-cream, ensuring it hasn’t been tampered with or accidentally opened and is still in tip-top condition. The visual aspect also reassures customers at the point of purchase of the product’s secure condition.

The best solution we’d recommend to contain and safeguard frozen desserts and address all safety concerns is a tamper evident film band – also known as a shrink sleeve or shrink band. These are our most popular forms of tamper evidence for food manufacturers and are industry standard.

The bands can be clear or printed in a rainbow of colours to suit your branding and differentiate your product. We can even personalise with logos, brand names or promotional offers. The bands are created for effortless application meaning you can attach in-house with ease, negating the need for expensive equipment. For hungry customers wanting to quickly access their sweet treat, the bands come with vertical or horizontal perforations which can be easily and instantly removed.

Viscose has been manufacturing tamper proof film bands for ice cream and frozen desserts for more decades. Artisan producers trust us to protect their protect and help it on its journey from creation to happy customer.

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