Viskrings dissapear in soil – watch the video

21 August 2023

Viskrings are our core product, they’re a plastic-free, home compostable and biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic heat shrink bands.

Our Viskrings are comprised of biodegradable cellulose fibres derived from wood pulp and obtained from natural renewable sources.

To demonstrate their eco-credentials we conducted a degradation study in our lab, by placing the Viskrings in soil and filming the results.

The bands began to degrade in as little as 2 weeks with the full process achieved within 4 months. This means the bands had fully degraded into the soil leaving no trace or impact on the soil itself.

Being biodegradable and compostable, Viskrings can be placed in home compost or food waste bins, decreasing the amount of single use plastic that ends up in landfill.

So now you can protect your product – and the planet.