Tamper Evidence – Cut Bands, Preforms and Tubing

Our Range

Shrink Sleeves

Cut Bands



  • 50 – 70 micron
  • PVC
    The most popular choice because of its good shrink capability and is usually the most cost effective.  Available in high shrink and pasteurised grades
  • PET
    Degradable and the best for scuff resistance, also highest percentage of shrink. Also pasteurisable.
  • PLA
    Made from polylactic acid and complete biodegradable.
  • Printed and bespoke design available
  • Horizontal, vertical and T perforations
  • Coloured, holographic tear tabs


  • Low MOQ’s
  • Short Lead times
  • Over 250 moulds in stock for preforms (no set up charge)

Samples & Enquiries for Pharmaceutical.

Tamper Evidence…

Tamper Evidence. (Viskrings by Viscose Est 1892)

Viscose is the only manufacturer in the world
Created from wood pulp, biodegrades within 6 weeks, once discarded in soil. Apply by Hand; no machinery needed. Takes up to 60 mins to dry once applied.

Our Range

  • Flat folding tubing or continuous reels
  • Ready cut flat folded bands
  • Stock sizes suitable for pharmaceutical
  • i) Diameter 23.5 mm and cut length 22 mm, which is suitable for caps of 18-22 mm diameter
  • ii) Diameter 29mm and cut length 24.3 mm, which is suitable for caps of 26-28mm diameter

Both sizes are printed “STERILE UNTIL OPEN” in black on a white background and have a tear-tab for easy removal.

Metal Closures

Suitable for:

  • Glass Bottles
  • 28 x 18 ROPP Compound Liner