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Polylaminate Capsules

Polylaminate capsules have a high visual and tactile impact providing a highly competitive alternative to capsules made from tin and with far greater decorative potential than tin.

The skirt is made from a multi-laminate of Aluminium and PE (polyethylene) and the top foil is aluminium.

The range of size Polylaminate and Polytin capsule dimensions that Viscose are able to offer;

27.3mm45 - 70mm
29mm45 - 70mm
29.25mm45 - 70mm
29.6mm45 - 70mm
29.75mm45 - 70mm
30mm45 - 70mm
31mm45 - 70mm
32mm45 - 70mm
33mm45 - 70mm
Maximum Slope 1.5 DegreesMaximum Slope 1.5 Degrees

Download the Polylaminate Capsules Data Sheet Here

Material type and thickness

Polylaminate foil

  • Complex 20/70/20 with a thickness of 110µm

Polytin ALUTIN®

  • Complex 30/70/30 with a thickness of 130µm

Top Material

  • Aluminium foil with thickness 80 µm (± 10%)

Decoration options

  • Top Disk – Flexo print, Rotogravure print, embossing, hot foil, embossing + hot foil
  • Side Skirt – Flexo print, Rotogravure print, hot foil


  • Double horizontal


  • 30,000 pieces

Lead Time

  • 8 weeks from art work approva

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