Aluminium ROPP (18×12)

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Secure your product with our 18mm x 12mm Colour Aluminium ROPP (Roll-On Pilfer-Proof) Caps.

Boxes of 16,000 are available to purchase online across UK mainland and Northern Ireland.

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Secure your product with our Colour Aluminium ROPP (18×12) Caps

Product Group: Aluminium ROPP
Description: Plain Colour ROPP
Size: 18mm x 12mm
Liner: EPE
Box Quantity: 16,000

Aluminium ROPP (18×12) is the perfect sealing solution for miniature spirits and mixers.

Available to buy online in boxes of 16,000 units, these caps offer a combination of quality, security, and visual appeal. They ensure your products remain safe and intact from production to consumption.

In more detail…

The Aluminium ROPP (Roll-On Pilfer Proof) cap measures 18mm in diameter and 12mm in height. This design provides a snug fit, essential for preserving the freshness of your miniature spirits and mixers. Made from premium-grade aluminium, these caps offer exceptional durability and a tamper-evident seal. The high-quality material ensures your products maintain their original flavour and quality.

These caps feature a tamper-evident design that is crucial for product integrity. If removed, the cap shows visible signs of tampering, reassuring both manufacturers and consumers about the product’s safety. This feature is particularly important for the beverage industry, where maintaining product integrity is a significant selling point.

Aluminium ROPP (18×12) caps are compatible with standard capping machinery, ensuring an easy and seamless production process. The caps fit perfectly on small bottles, preventing leaks and keeping the contents fresh. The sleek aluminium finish adds a touch of elegance to your packaging, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your products.

Buying these caps in bulk boxes of 16,000 units ensures a sufficient supply for high-volume production runs. This reduces the need for frequent reordering and allows for efficient inventory management. Additionally, purchasing in bulk offers cost savings, making it a practical choice for businesses. You can optimise your packaging budget without compromising on quality.

Ultimately, the Aluminium ROPP (18×12) is the perfect sealing solution for miniature spirits and mixer bottles. It offers reliability, safety, and an attractive finish. You can buy this online now to ensure your products are sealed with excellence. With these caps, Viscose can guarantee the best protection and presentation for your miniature spirits and mixer bottles.

We also offer a wide variety of sizes here.


Key Features

  • Secure Sealing: Our Aluminium ROPP (18×12) ensure product integrity with a tamper-evident, pilfer-proof design, providing a snug, leak-proof fit
  • Neck size: MCA2
  • Liner spec: Cold-fill only
  • Bulk Quantity: Pallet & 1/2 pallet quantities available – 25 boxes per pallet, please contact us for a quote

Ideal For

  • The Aluminium ROPP (18×12) is ideal for miniature spirits
  • The Aluminium ROPP (18×12) is ideal for Mixers


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