PF Sterile Pharma sleeve (23×22, White printed black “STERILE UNTIL OPEN”)

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Seal your vials with our plastic-free shrink sleeves.

Packs of 2,500 are available to purchase online across UK mainland and Northern Ireland.

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Seal your vials with our Plastic-free shrink sleeves

Description: White self-shrinking seal, printed with “Sterile until Open” wording
Size: 23mm x 22mm
Pack Quantity: 2,500

Key Features

Secure Sealing: Ensure product integrity with a sleeve that self-shrinks to your container providing a perfect seal.
Anti-counterfeit: Protect your brand against dangerous, poor quality copies with this unique solution.
Heat & machinery free – simply apply and let it dry. Our plastic-free sleeves are hand applied and dry within an hour at ambient UK temperatures.
Biodegradable & Compostable: Plastic-free sleeves can be discarded in your food waste or compost bin.
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Ideal For

Pharmaceutical vials & testubes used in a wide variety of settings such as microbiology labs and test kits (fuel /air) that hold sterile contents.


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