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Ion Exchange Cellulose Media


As a medium for Ion exchange chromatography resin which, for example, can be used in the ‘Protein Extraction / Recovery Process’.

The extraction of protein from solution by means of Ion exchange chromatography, for the recovery and production of high purity, undenatured, functional protein from Cheese Whey, abattoir waste and other waste streams containing valuable proteins, enzymes etc.


The ability to absorb selectively, great quantities of high molecular weight materials, in particular proteins from solution.

Used in a number of sectors, dairy, baby food, leisure (for example body building) and health (for example weight management).


  • Chemically stable at high pressure
  • Heat Stable up to 282 degrees Celsius
  • Particle Integrity
  • Controlled Particle Sizes
  • Physical property retention
  • Low specific gravity – improves distribution
  • High surface area per kilo.
  • Operates at a mild chemical conditions.
  • Re-usable
  • Biodegradable.
  • Most PSD’s (Trials – advised)

Physical Data

Thickness65 micron
Yield13 m2/kg
Bulk Density0.4 - 0.8g/cm3

Grind Data

Normal SizeTolerance
250 MicronMin 95% passing 250 micron sieve
500 MicronMin 95% passing 250 micron sieve
1000 MicronMin 95% passing 250 micron sieve
2000 MicronMin 95% passing 250 micron sieve



Whilst Viscose aims to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the information given on the use and application of its products, it cannot guarantee the data, some of which is based on outside sources, or its accuracy. Customers must remain responsible for their own product testing and evaluation for their own safety procedures. Customers should contact Viscose if they have doubts as to the suitability of the product for their particular application or safety procedures. Viscose may review and modify the information contained in this leaflet from time to time and customers should ensure they have the latest information.

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