Open Top Capsule or Pre Formed band

20 June 2022

Heat Shrink Transparent Open Top Capsules, small

Transparent open top capsules or pre formed bands, the perfect way to add security to your products without losing the aesthetics of your brand.

Viscose Closures is a packaging supplier specialising in tamper evidence solutions for your containers. We manufacture a range of heat shrink packaging in a variety of substrates for use in most market sectors.

Viscose also manufactures capsules and shrink sleeves in PVC and PET as a secondary tamper evidence seal used in a wide range of packaging. As the UK’s only capsule manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience we are ideally suited to assist you. We will support you in securing the best capsule to suit your product range, from choosing the right material to collaborating on design and using our in house printing experts to compliment your branding.

One of our most popular products are open top capsules or preformed bands which are fitted over the primary closure for your bottle, container or to provide visible tamper evidence to the consumer and an additional layer of security. They can be made from PLA (Bioplastic), PET (recyclable) or PVC depending on your requirements.

Open-top capsules are commonly used in conjunction with Bartops, Stoppers, Corks and GPI closures and are therefore very popular in the spirits industry in particular the craft and artisan sectors and the great news is we supply those too.

We stock Open-top capsules in a range of sizes in clear 70 micron PET currently compatible with the most popular bottle necks, these capsules come with a vertical perforation opening as standard for easy opening. Made to order items we have short lead times (typically 2-3 weeks) and low MOQs. We can supply both clear and printed open-top capsules to suit your brand and needs.

We are delighted to offer technical expertise enabling you to have a seamless transition and on-boarding process.