Put a cork in it!

19 July 2022

Bartop Closures, light

Did you ever wonder how they get the cork into the bottle? Or how they decide which cork to use? Or wonder about that plastic film thingy around the cork? Let us explain all!

At Viscose we specialise in all packaging, tamper proof closures and tamper evidence solutions, so you can rest assured the products you buy are fresh and in the best condition they can be. One solution we supply, that is fundamental to its product, is the humble cork. Without it, your bubbly wouldn’t have bubbles and your Chardonnay might lose its distinctive flavour that separates it from a Chenin Blanc. Corks are naturally flexible, sturdy and watertight which is why they have been the go-to bottle top since the 17th century.

At Viscose, we’re very specific about our corks – all our cork stoppers are 100% natural and directly extracted from carefully selected cork. Natural cork stoppers are the closure of choice for wines and spirits due to their elasticity, compressibility and permeable characteristics providing the perfect seal for your tipple.

While you may think a cork is a cork, we offer several variations of natural cork in distinctive grades and sizes as well as micro agglomerated cork depending on how you want it to look. Knowing how long the wine will be in the bottle will determine which grade is used.

All our cork stoppers can be customised with company branding and personalised with even the most intricate of print requests. Fancy a different coloured cork? While we can’t provide a rainbow-coloured topper – yet! – we are able to colour our corks through a process of washing and all our corks are available in five different washes for you to choose from.

Once the cork is in, you need to think tamper evidence. This comes in the form of heat shrink capsules, polylaminate capsules and tin capsules to cover a basic cork. However if your bartop is just to cool to cover a clear tamper evident option such as Film or Cellulose will be perfect. Available in cut bands, preforms, open top capsules there are so many options each with their own aesthetics and benefits.

Cork in and sealed, your botte is now ready to sell, shelf or ship… or of course, open and enjoy the contents!

As well as the corks, we also provide solutions for the pharmaceutical, health, vitamin and cosmetics, beauty, medical testing, home fragrance and industrial gas sectors.

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