Quality solutions for the hospitality sector

23 November 2022

Quality solutions for the hospitality sector

As a major supplier to the hospitality sector, we are proud to supply, high quality tamper evidence solutions for hotels, restaurants, bars, conference centres, and event venues.

Our secure yet sustainable solutions are used across a range of beverage products and are particularly popular for sealing bottled water for use in restaurants, hotel rooms and meetings.

Some of the most sought-after products for this sector are Viskrings, an eco-friendly band that’s both biodegradable and compostable as they are made from extruded cellulose, where the main ingredient in these bands is wood pulp sourced from sustainable resources.

Viskrings are hand applied when wet and shrink evenly as they dry out, resulting in a high-quality finish that easily moulds to challenging shapes including flip top bottles.

Once applied and the contents securely sealed, hospitality businesses can rest assured that their drinks are free from contaminants or atmospheric ingress while customers will see the Viskrings as a visual assurance that the product they are enjoying is fresh and hasn’t been tampered with.

These tamper evidence seals can be customised with different printing options available, perfect for establishing and maintaining brand recognition, as well as for use during promotional campaigns like Christmas or showing support for your country during the World Cup!

Viskrings also play a role in helping hospitality venues meet their net zero and sustainability targets. Plastic free, biodegradable and compostable, Viskrings can help businesses reduce their reliance on plastic while providing products with a professional finish.

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