Water, water all around – Why the hospitality sector seals its tap water

23 November 2022

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“Can we have some water for the table please?” – We’ve all said it before at a restaurant or hotel. Whether you are the driver, sober or just want something refreshing alongside your soft or alcoholic beverage, water is the go-to drink.

In the hospitality sector, bars, restaurants and hotels have a choice: providing branded bottled water or their own tap water in customised bottles or dispensers.

Many hospitality businesses are now turning to bottling their tap water in house, using filtration systems to ensure great-tasting, fresh water for their customers. Bottling and sealing water in house helps businesses to save on delivery costs, storage space and single-use bottles, so altogether better for the environment too!

As a major supplier to the sector, we at Viscose Closures assist restaurants and hotels through the process. In addition to supplying caps and closures, we also supply tamper evidence solutions like our eco-friendly Viskrings which provide reassurance to guests that they are opening a sterilised product free from contamination and tampering.

Made from cellulose, the Viskring can shrink up to 30% of its original size. They require no machinery or heat to apply, easily mould to challenging shapes and can be applied by hand to a number of drinking vessels including plastic, glass, metal and china. The result? A secure seal with a high-quality finish that would impress fine diners!

Biodegradable and compostable, Viskrings can also be easily disposed of after use in an environmentally friendly way.

What a refreshing solution for the hospitality sector!

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