The most popular containers for artisans in 2023… and how to seal them securely

30 January 2023

Beverages Sector, circular image altAs a UK manufacturer, we love supporting our fellow British producers including artisan businesses who are often starting out on their corporate ventures, crafting products through traditional methods and boosting the local economy.

We work closely with artisans, taking our customers on a journey and developing a partnership approach to support projects from the design stage through to testing and line trials. As part of this process, we help producers find the best way to securely seal their containers.

The most popular containers for artisans are usually made of glass. From craft brewers and distillers pouring their liquid magic into bottles, to bakers and chefs storing their jams, chutneys, sauces and other sweet treats into jars, glass is historically the go-to for artisans and this packaging trend is set to continue its dominance in 2023.

Glass has many benefits as a container: sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, recyclable and excellent at content preservation when sealed. We regularly supply Viskrings and film tamper evidence solutions as secondary seals to help deter tampering and prevent contamination, providing a visual assurance to customers that their product is exactly as their artisan producer intended.

Moving away from food and drink and into the world of organic cosmetics, plastic is still playing a role, though eco-conscious and clean beauty producers are increasingly moving towards more recycled plastic content where possible for their containers.

Again, film tubing and Viskrings, a plastic free solution, are the tamper evidence solutions of choice for the artisan beauty community. These solutions can be easily applied and moulded to containers of most shapes and sizes, excluding opportunities for these organic and natural cosmetics to be contaminated.

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