Traceability from the source

30 January 2023

Why tamper evident solutions are an increasingly important part of the supply chain

Food Sector circular imageFor artisan producers, creating a first rate, uncompromised product is paramount and choosing the right packaging solution to maintain its integrity is crucial.

The container should be practical, holding the product in place while allowing the user to easily access the contents upon purchasing. It should be practical and clearly show what’s inside, with all necessary ingredients and allergy information visible in keeping with the brand identity. But above all else, the vessel should protect the product and comprise a visual tamper proof closure to prove to customers that their products are secure and free from contamination – fresh from the manufacturer!

There are many options an artisan producer can choose to safeguard their creation depending on their field. For jars and tubs, there are cellulose bands, film cut bands and film tubing, and for bottled liquid products, producers can pick from a range of capsules, each suited to different needs.

Tamper proof bands and capsules can be adapted for its designated product – whether that’s a multicoloured finish to fit in with the branding or the company’s logo emblazoned on them for that oh-so personal touch. They can be applied with heat or machinery to suit the manufacturer’s capabilities and are supplied with perforations or tear strips for easy opening.

At Viscose Closures, we have a trusted history of working with regional, national and global artisan producers. No matter the size of your business, if you have a product you want to protect, get in touch!

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