The Pandemic and its Effect on Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

21 September 2022

The Pandemic and its Effect on Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions, featured

The role of packaging manufacturers is vital in ensuring the pharmaceutical supply chain does not fail – especially in an industry where the timely delivery of products can be life or death. Innovative packaging solutions present options that can keep the entire supply chain flowing, something that has become all the more apparent since the Coronavirus pandemic halted it.

Supply chains have experienced lengthy delivery delays in the last two years whilst home-based clinical trials and direct-to-patient services have increased dramatically. This has seen demand increase for quality packaging that protects the integrity of products, in turn facilitating authentication in the industry.

As a result of the increased importance of packaging solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, innovative new solutions now take pride of place in the pharmaceutical supply chain and are helping companies to process improvements, resulting in competitive advantages and fewer supply chain issues.

Viscose’s tamper evident solutions are currently being applied to a host of medicinal products including lab culture tests, antiseptic gels and medical gas canisters.

Our products are available in a range of materials which includes our self-shrinking biodegradable cellulose, heat shrink compostable PLA (Poly lactic Acid), 100% recyclable PET and standard PVC.

At Viscose, we offer each client a bespoke service designed around their individual products and packaging requirements.

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