One Stop solutions for Contract Packers

29 July 2022

One Stop solutions for Contract Packers

Viscose Closures is a packaging supplier specialising in tamper evidence solutions for your containers.

We manufacture a range of heat shrink packaging in a variety of substrates for use in most market sectors.

Viscose also manufactures capsules and shrink sleeves in PVC and PET as a secondary tamper evidence seal used in a wide range of packaging.

Sustainability has always been an integral part of our business and we are constantly driving innovation to improve
our recycled content levels. Our Viskrings are a unique plastic-free tamper seal option made from Cellulose, which is biodegradable and home compostable. Providing greater packaging safety and transparency for our clients and their
customers is paramount.

Viscose also supplies plastic closures including sports and flat caps; aluminium closures, crowns, aluminium ROPPs corks and bartops to suit most standard bottles.

Our extensive range of closures is suitable for food, beverages, consumer products and industrial packaging in a wide range of materials.

Renowned for our exceptional customer service, we pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions to a wide selection of customers from small artisan companies starting their journey to large global brands. Our friendly, dedicated team recognise the value in working in partnership with our customers and therefore offer expert technical advice, bespoke equipment and on site support.

We already work with many contract packers, providing total solutions all under one roof and will be
happy to chat through how we can support your business.

  • Sleeving or bands can be produced on a reel for automatic application or as pre-cut sleeves/bands or preformed bands for hand application
  • Preforms are cut bands which have been formed into a shape by shrinking them on to a mould
  • Preforms make it easier for your production team to apply sleeves by hand and to obtain a superior finish.
  • Products need heat to shrink either by a heat tunnel or heat gun which Viscose can supply
  • Single or multiple lines of perforations can be introduced either vertically or horizontally to make sleeves easier to remove or more susceptible to damage if tampered with
  • Coloured, printed or holographic tear strips can be affixed or preforms in a vertical orientation and can be used in combination with perforations to provide an effective easy-open feature to the pack.

We are delighted to offer technical expertise enabling you to have a seamless transition and on-boarding process.