What’s the best way to protect your drink?

1 November 2022

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Tamper evidence and counterfeiting solutions from Viscose are available to seal your bottle and protect the contents during transportation and beyond, the right type of closure ensures that your beverage cannot be damaged before it reaches your customer.

There are many effective methods to seal your drink – whether it is still or sparkling, alcoholic or no and low alcohol.

As a major supplier to distilleries globally as well as emerging artisans, here at Viscose we supply a wide range of primary caps and closures, from bartops to corks, aluminium ROPPs to GPI closures, all in order to seal your bottle and protect your product’s integrity.

Next, to add an extra layer of security, we offer a range of secondary solutions and seals. Our tamper evident bands are made from four substrates, cellulose, PET, PVC and PLA, and are available in three formats, tubing, cut bands and preformed bands.

Viscose also supplies capsules, secondary seals for bottled products to a wide range of sectors, that can be fully customised to your specific requirements.

If you are unsure about which method would be best for your beverage, our friendly and dedicated team can help. Renowned for exceptional customer service, we recognise the value in working in partnership with our customers to match their products with the perfect solutions.

Find the best way to protect your beverage.