Protection and reassurance is key: How the industrial gas sector is reassuring customers of product security

14 October 2022

Visual tamper evident solutions help businesses reassure their customers that their products are secure, free from contamination and intact. Perhaps, one of the sectors this is most important for is the industrial gas sector.

Oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium are among the gases manufactured for use in industry and are used far beyond the chemical plants that produce them. Did you know that industrial gases are used in food processing,
electronics, aerosols and pharmaceuticals to name a few?

Industrial gases can be volatile and therefore it is extremely important for their contents to be sealed and protected at the point of production and arrive with customers visibly intact. So, what is the solution for these potentially reactive products that need to be stored and moved safely?

Our unique Viskrings are a the perfect option. Made from cellulose, a natural plant- based material extruded from wood pulp, the bands are easily hand applied and don’t require heat in order to shrink onto your product. In addition to being a heat and machinery free solution that won’t affect the gases inside, Viskrings have the added bonus of being biodegradable, home compostable and plastic free.

Visually, customers can see that their product has been protected and, as the bands can be printed in colour, are able to comply with legislative colour coding. Printed cellulose is available in red, orange, yellow, blue, green, black and white as well as transparent.

Cut and pre-formed film bands and film tubing are also among the solutions for this sector, providing a transparent, visual seal for the customer while adding an extra layer of security.

So once your business has chosen the solution, you can be secured, sealed and ready to go!

At Viscose Closures, we have a trusted history of supplying the industrial gas sector and work with some of the most recognised global brands. Our most popular ranges include gas canisters, chemical canisters, chemical vats and sensor covers.

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