Protect your product while enhancing your brand

14 December 2022

Film Cut & Pre-formed Bands, blue bottle featured image

Film is a versatile tamper evidence solution used by a variety of sectors.

Food, Beverage, Health, Vitamin, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals… you name it! All of these sectors have embraced film solutions as they provide an effective visual security seal which not only increases brand integrity but, importantly, reassures customers that the product they are buying has not been counterfeited or tampered with.

Film solutions, made from varying grades of plastic including PVC, PET and PLA, are available as cut and pre-formed bands and tubing. Producers can choose the option that is most suitable for their product and ensure that the film is fitted over their items for safety and security.

Applied using heat from a heat gun or air dryer, the film solutions shrink to the product, providing a perfectly fitting tamper evident solution.

So, your product is protected, but can film enhance your brand too?

Yes, it can!

Many producers, especially during holiday periods, run promotional offers, change their designs or launch products with a limited shelf life. Film can be customised and printed on to help producers meet these needs in addition to the vital protection of their products.

At Viscose Closures, we have in house printing experts who are able to colour match and offer technical advice and support, printed film can provide a full 360 decoration to compliment the aesthetics of the brand and can be used for promotional purposes and multipacks promotions.

To make film products easy to remove for the customer, perforations can be introduced either horizontally or vertically as well as tear strips which can be customised in a variety of colours and finishes.

It’s clear to see why film is a tamper evidence solution of choice for many sectors and businesses who want to protect their products and enhance their brands.

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