Halloween Packaging

Down in the depths of the Viscose building, where all was dark, and no-one had explored before… Viscose staff wandered, they searched. They were missing a very important item. They looked in cupboards, they looked in the hollows of machinery, they looked in their shoes. Like zombies ploughing through a graveyard looking for anything with a beating pulse, their heads spun with confusion. The productions floors entire supply of Viskring had gone missing. Was it a ghost? Should they call Ghostbusters?

Swansea based Viscose’s Closures unique 100% biodegradable plastic product Viskring is used in the Pharmaceutical, Gas, Beverages and food industries and so the team didn’t stop their search, and in the depths of midnight stepped out of the doors of Viscose. On this day that is Halloween Eve, we take a look at 6 halloween inspired products out at the moment to see where this pesky Viskring could have settled…

 1. Bespoke Design by A Pumpkin and a Princess

These home made tonics would be the perfect settling place for transparent Viskring sleeve. Viskring sleeves have the ability to fit the contours of it’s products, and would provide a perfect secondary seal for any packaging items similar to this.

 2. Baba Yaga Absinthe

Highly innovative Baba Yaga Absinthe features textured packaging, paper tearable packaging, and a soft rubber lid. A 100% biodegradable plastic full body sleeve would be perfectly at home here, also available with bold colourful patterns and printed designs. 

 3. Spine Vodka, Johannes Schulz

A packaging concept from German designer for a high-alcohol, vanilla flavoured vodka that has a little spine and ribcage in every bottle. A 100% transparent biodegradable Viskring would provide a perfect gripable secondary sealing for such an innovative bottle of Vodka.

 4. Limited Edition Vaseline

For one time only, Vaseline produce limited edition designs for their lip balm. A small Viskring seal would provide a perfect natural secondary sealing for these lip glosses. Is this where it is?

 5. Gourmet Baking Co. by Jenn David Design

Baking company Gourmet Baking Co. produce beautiful items to make delicious treats with. We especially like these black and orange sugar pots, perfect for halloween baking! Would we find the transparent 100% biodegradable Viskring acting as a secondary seal on these stylish jars?

  6. Absolut Vodka, Rasberry

Produced in Sweden since 1879, this Vodka is produced using fractional distilling technique developed by founder by Lars Olson Smith. Transparent Viskrings would be a beautiful compliment for these bottles.

Back at the workshop staff are still scratching their head. Viskring seems to have vanished into another dimension. They phone Dracula and ask him to scour the globe… Yes certainly, he says. Witches, Vampires… Demons gather and discuss the future of a world without Viskring…. Sky’s are littered, captivating the attention of children as they walk home with their parents, excited to prepare for an evening of Trick or Treating…

Dracula promises to commit his life to searching for Viskrings, which suites perfectly as his lifespan is quite long (endless). So don’t fret, they will be found, most likely in a cupboard, sniggering away at all of the commotion which has been caused.

Take a look at Viskrings in action here. Please contact us on sales@viscose.co.uk for more information on Viskrings or phone us on 01792 796 393 if you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss our products further. At Viscose Closures we also supply Metal Caps, Metal ROPP’S, Plastic Caps, Heat Shrink Capsules, Plastic Film, and Shrink Sleeves for the packaging design industry. We are always happy to discuss all of these products further!

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