Flavoured Vodka and Gin

So what’s happening in the UK market?

The economic environment in Western Europe remains unstable, and it appears there is still fear in the spirits market.

Value gains have outstripped volumes in the market, reflecting the influence of inflation but this has also been due to the success of many premium and craft brands’ According to analysts at Mintel.

Sales in the spirits market are dwindling, and will continue to do so until 2020, yet Vodka and Gin remain the top selling spirits. Over half of the market will reach for Vodka when it comes to the spirits section of the supermarket, and it’s seen as a drink that gives value for money. Although consumers are deterred from experimenting in the Gin and Vodka category as high prices are seen as prohibitive.

With Vodka and Gin dominating the market sector it is only natural that we should see lots of innovation. So what are all these new flavoured Vodka and Gin?

Gin has been innovating since the evolution of ‘sloe Gin’, and we are now seeing innovation in terms of botanical and herbal influences and infusions.

Beginning with Vodka, here are a few Gin and Vodka brands, which are getting our mouths watering here at Viscose:

4 Orange Premium Vodka

This is being introduced as the first Vodka distilled from Florida oranges. This fresh and funky style bottle compliments the clear fruity liquid inside.

Red Velvet Flavoured Vodka by Desiree

Desiree also produce cake, crème brûlèe, and brownie batter flavour, as well as their standard Vodka flavour!

Pop Tart flavoured Vodka by Kelloggs

This is a hoax product… but still… it sounds like a tasty drink, even if this doesn’t exist on the real life supermarket shelves.  Could it be a dream for worldwide @Kelloggs fans? The idea that it would be available in Strawberry, S’mores and Brown Sugar Cinnamon tempts the taste buds further. Milk and cornflakes or Vodka for breakfast? Pretty controversial…


William Chase Orange Flavoured Gin

This marmalade reminiscent gin is a recommended addition to the cocktail menu.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin

Infused using traditional methods, this is also available in Elderflower flavour.

Ungava Premium Gin

This warm and spicy spirit has aromas of juniper, herbal tea, spice and tart fruit. Great for the summer, with lemonade and ice.

Trends for Gin flavours tend to centralise around authenticity, whereas Vodka brands are producing simpler, recognisable flavours. Globally, looking at the wider spirits market, a highlight is the popularity of Rye Rum in America, which, if by previous experiences, Brits are due to follow suit. We are also seeing exciting innovations with the experimentation of food in cocktails on the global market, premixed cans, and cocktail pouches, another trend that is likely to follow us to the UK.

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