Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Celebrated on March 1st each year, St Davids Day is an important day in Wales, and for us as a company. Children across the country dress in traditional Welsh Costumes, and authentic Welsh Cuisine such as Welshcakes, cawl, cockles, laverbread and bara brith are enjoyed in staff tea breaks at Viscose, as well as across the country.  The blossoming of Daffodils in the land around signifies the beginning of Spring, and the sight of the sun gives us a reminder of the longer days to come…

Here are Welsh 5 facts about Viscose in connection to St Davids Day which you may/may not know…!

Viscose has roots as a Welsh business since 1948

For 69 years Viscose has held provenance in two Swansea locations. Viscose made tubing for sausages, which was considered unique for a Welsh company…! We also made Cellulose sponges for many years, and now make Viskrings from the same raw product! Our products are made here at our factory in Llansamlet, where our business resides to this current day.

Viskrings are a Welsh made product, and one of a kind

Viskrings are a 100% biodegradable sleeve, used as a tamper evidence for the food, drinks, pharmaceutical, gas, and cosmetics industries. We are the only company who make these products in the world, and you know your products have not been opened when Viskrings are involved. You can also be rest assured that you are working in line with the new environmental government policies, as our Viskring is guaranteed to biodegrade once discarded in the soil and this can take from 6 weeks.

Viscose is Welsh at its core, yet also serves an international customer base

Viscose maintains strong customer bases with over 50 countries worldwide. If you need tamper evidence for your product then we would like to speak to you! Viscose are happy to help you achieve the best solution.

Viscose, not only sell Viskrings, but we provide a wide range of tamper evidence from our business here in Wales!

Viscose sells Viskrings, which are extremely environmentally friendly, available in low order quantities, and simple to hand apply, yet this isn’t all that Viscose is about… We also sell bottle tops, capsules, wirehoods, polystoppers, corks, and shrink sleeves. And for those who are knee deep in the exciting new developments within the protein extraction market… we also sell Ion Exchange Cellulose Media!

A Welsh business is fuelled by Welshcakes, a food of Welsh Heritage…

A Welshcake… a ‘coaster sized cake’ which is sweeter and flatter than a scone, and cooked on a griddle (or dry frying pan) is one of our countries delicacies, and often enjoyed by staff of Welsh businesses. Served warm with butter or sugar on, or cool, with a cup of tea, this is certainly an item to try if you are in Swansea to visit Viscose!

If you knew all of these then you are a true Welshman/woman at heart and a true Viscose fan! If you didn’t then Dydd Gŵyl St Hapus, Happy st Davids Day, we hope you learned something new! And as words from a Welsh business…

Rydym ni at Viscose yn gwerthfawrogi ei’n cwsmeriaid o bob rhan o’r byd, ag yn cydnabod yr pwysigrwydd o  ddarparu gwasanaeth arbennig. Transcripted by our very own in-house Welsh Speaker, Catrin Morris!

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