Our People, meet Claire Corbett of Sales!


London lady, born and bred, Claire has been with Viscose for 20 years from September 2016. We take a few minutes of her time to talk…

“In one word, how would you describe yourself” we ask Claire. “Loyalty” is the first word that comes to her mind.

Beginning working life at Viscose, as a placement student straight from her business A-Level, Claire made great connections and has initiated a long term employment.

Now, having learnt the inside workings of the business, and having witnessed the transition of the company over the years, Claire holds a key sales role at Viscose, taking  the majority of internal sales for film and progressing new business opportunities for film sales. Claire’s role is home based and when asked about how this is for her she tells us with a smile in her tone that “No day is the same…!”. Claire’s friendly, fun bubbliness, contrasted with diligence and depth of knowledge is evident through dealings with each client.

We ask Claire what she likes most about her job and she tells us “Being in Sales provides a variety of work. You can see results quite quickly, forecast, and make any improvements each month. I like the visibility, and I like the customer service element. Helping customers with what they want is key.”

We ask Claire what Viscose was like when she first worked there. “It was all about the fax machine. We had one computer connected to the internet and all staff had to book time slots to use it.” She tells us about the family like qualities the business had despite nobody being related. Claire also talks about the lease of life she has seen in the company in recent years.

Claire has a bouncy two year old, named Chloe, who is “very good at being bad…!” and a husband named Damion. The pair met at age 17, a young love.

Claire’s spare time very much revolves around bringing up her little princess. “Zoos, parks, anywhere child oriented seems to be the common theme. She is so energetic and she takes up most of mine and Damion’s time, we love it!” Educating her little girl on the world around her is clearly a passion of Claire’s, as well as renovating her home (The pairs latest focus is colour themes!).

Kids, young love, and fax machines, all in London, we hope you enjoyed reading about Claire! To contact Claire from our team at Viscose Closures you can email her on Claire.corbett@viscoseclosures.com, or contact her by phone on 01293429187.

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