Seal Types for Aluminium Closures

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

There are various types of seal material for aluminium closures here are a few explanations from us and the recommended uses.

  1. Pulp board / EPE facing wads – are recommended for glass bottles containing fruit juices and other aqueous based packs, alcoholic beverages and spirits not exceeding 50% volume.
  2. EPE (expanded polyethylene) wads – glass bottles containing fruit juices, oil and alcoholic beverages not exceeding 15% volume.
  3. PVC (compound RO 5770M) – glass bottles containing mineral water, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages not exceeding 15% vol.
  4. PVC (compound RO 4607) – glass bottles containing carbonated beverages
  5. PVC (compound RO 3227) – PET bottles containing carbonated beverages.
  6. PVC Free (compound) – free compound Svelon 982LR) Glass bottles containing carbonated and non carbonated beverages, beer, mineral water etc
  7. Polyethylene pourers – glass bottles containing fruit juices, oil, alcoholic beverages and spirits not exceeding 50% vol.

Whether you are bottling fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, or spirits make sure you are using the correct ROPP – if you need to make an enquiry – get in touch

Viscose Closures plans an ambitious Second Century

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Viscose closures, innovators in caps, closures, shrink sleeves and self shrinking seals has been established for 100 years and enjoys a reputation for product quality and customer service, exporting around the world from the US to New Zealand.  

Viscose is actively looking for resellers in the UK and for worldwide distributors. Our products are used across a diverse range of industries that include food, drink, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and domestic energy.

 With recent investment and a new management team in place, the company is well positioned for the next stage of business growth.  The recent Packaging Innovations Exhibition proved to be the ideal opportunity to showcase the extensive product portfolio to the industry. 

 Along with the Viscose team, Jackie Royall (Managing Director) and Steve Baldwin (Business Development Director) were present on the day and both were delighted with the interest that was generated across the range which includes ‘self shrinking’ biodegradable secondary seals made from cellulose, where no expensive heat or application machinery is needed. The flat plastic and sports caps range. Aluminum ROPP’s and crowns. Polylaminate capsules. PVC / PLA & PET shrink sleeves. Cut bands, preforms and tubing. 

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Shelf Shrinking Tamper Evidence Solution

Monday, March 31st, 2014

viskring imageWe call them viskrings and in the USA they call them celon bands

Viscose is over 100 years old and is the the world’s only producer of cellulose based bio-degradable ‘self shrinking secondary seals’. These self shrinking seals are applied wet and shrink as they dry. They give a very high quality appearance and act as a counterfeit proof seal.

Particularly useful for heat sensitive products, no application machinery needed, apply the seals by hand.  No heat needed to shrink.  Takes anywhere from up to 60 minutes to dry, depending on the atmosphere and humidity of the environment.

Cellulose – self shrinking seals are suitable for most types of applications from glass jars, glass bottles, plastic containers, gas cylinders and many more.

Sold around the world to, New Zealand, USA, Indonesia, Africa and to many market sectors, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, drink and gas.

Available in many colours plain or printed with your logo and wording

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